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SSLL Board Meeting Minutes

December 5,2016 -VFW- Saugus, 7:00 P.M.




Chris Jones, Executive President

Kelly Ventre, Secretary

Steve Almquist-Co-Senior Director/ Umpire in Chief

Mike Bluette-  Co-Information Officer/Website

Ellen Schena- Registrar

Michael Shaw- Treasurer

Bill Enwright- AAA Manager

Deb Bowker-Safety Officer-

Bernie Ganino- Co-Senior Director

Paul Marulli- Fields/Equipment Manager

Paul Ventre-Coaching Director

Greg Tacco-Co- Information Office/Website



- President Jones would like to discuss new On-Line Site verses the one we currently have

- We now pay $575.00 a year  = New Company $0.00

- Increase of $0.60 per credit card which gives us an overall saving of roughly $500.00

- Jones put to vote

- All in Favor 15- yes; “0” No


-Jones stated that we will wait to after Holidays to start putting Registration Dates together since in the past we have only one or two personally sign up this early

Not to waste cost of venue and volunteers times


- Jones brought up like every year whether to increase the registration fees as it stands now fees are(160.00:120.00 &80.00)

- Board thought with the economically for families to keep the fees as they are.

- Put to Vote 12: Yes to keep fee’s (0) No’s



Safety Officer:

-Jones stated to Newly appointed Safety Officer Deb Bowker that he will coordinate Asap to get intouch with Co-Vice President Wayne Carter and former Safety Officer Denise Pallermo




-President Jones would like to do a Kowloon Night

-To raise money for Batting/Pitching Cage

      -Will look into Fox Hill Yacht Club

B.Ganino suggested Textile bin /Ganino suggested that it made a good amount at schools; Concerns as to where the drop off of clothing would be. Ganino stated that she would look into this

-Cost of Cage is approximately 7,500.00 estimate giving by Steve Bunker from Varick Fence


Poker Tournament

-Schena addresses board with information from Town Hall in rules and guidelines in trying to make this happen

-No person on board can deal cards

                        - One Night permit needed

-Has to be legal company that brings in their own dealers

-Police detail has to be there at all times/ letter of Recommondation needed

-Needs to go thru the town Board and needs at least two weeks to get on              their agenda for that night.(Day, Place and time, and company)

-Cost might out weight the profit


Orange Leaf:

-Deb Bowker suggested that at League Try-outs to have Orange leaf fundraiser their.

-Bowker stated that a function did this and raised about 120.00 for only a 2hours of being there

-Bowker states she will get the information to try to expedite this


Winter Clinics:

-B.Enwright mentioned that he has spoken to the Fisher College head coach to see if some of the pitchers could volunteer their time to help with some pitching clinic

-More information to follow



Christmas Stroll:

-Stroll went well raised 430.00 but does not include cost that we put out

-For Free 2017 season, booth and donations we made to make baskets



Other Important details:


-Will need to do quarry check for upcoming season

-More Action needs to be done by fundraising coordinator

  • fundraising needed

-Encourage volunteers  and more involvement

-Next Board Meeting January 9, 2016 at VFW @7pm



President Jones: motion to adjourn meeting 8:15pm