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SSLL Board Meeting Minutes

November 14, 2016 at ITAM Saugus, 7:00 P.M.




Chris Jones, Executive President

Kelly Ventre, Secretary

Steve Almquist-Co-Senior Director/ Umpire in Chief

Mike Bluette-  Co-Information Officer/Website

Ellen Schena- Registrar

Dan Prezioso- Fields Matienence

Michael Shaw- Treasurer

Wayne Carter- Co- Vice President

Bill Enwright- AAA Manager

Jaime Deliea- AA Manager/ T-Ball

April Martinez- Co-Vice President

Fred Prezioso-AAA Director

Deb Bowker-Safety Officer-

Bernie Ganino- Co-Senior Director

Jason Kahn-Player Agent




President Jones to call Board to Order @7:10pm

-Opening remarks and welcoming everyone for coming

-Roll call from Secretary (see above for attendance)


Last Season  Update:

-Sweatshirts have been given out






-President Jones would like to do a Kowloon Night

-To raise money for Batting/Pitching Cage

      -Will look into Fox Hill Yacht Club

- B.Ganino suggested Textile bin /Ganino suggested that it made a good amount at schools; Concerns as to where the drop off of clothing would be. Ganino stated that she would look into this

-Cost of Cage is approximately 7,500.00 estimate giving by Steve Bunker from Varick Fence


Poker Tournament

-Schena addresses board with information from Town Hall in rules and guidelines in trying to make this happen

-No person on board can deal cards

-Has to be legal company that brings in their own dealers

-Police detail has to be there at all times

-Needs to go thru the town Board and needs at least two weeks to get on their agenda for that night.

-Cost might out weight the profit

-Will look into for future meeting



Christmas Stroll:


-We will be having a table Oaklandvale 12/3/16 @9am to 3pm

-Any Donations will be appreciated

-B Enwright to check set up times

-Cost is 25.00 for table/ profit was about 600.00 last year

-Jones will send out an email to league to see if any parents would like to donate anything for table

- Suggestion to donate a membership to Oaklandvale to Auction off

-Volunteers to sit a booth

      9am to 10am- Fred Prezioso and April Martinez

    10am to 11 am – Al Costello and Bernie Ganino

     11am to 12pm  - Paul M and Jason Kahn

       1pm to 2pm  - Deb Bowker

        2p   to 3pm  -TBD



Winter Clean Up:


-Soccer nets to put away

-Orange Bins need to put in Shed

-Shed Clean up

-Tracker to City yard


Other Important details:


-Will need to do quarry check for upcoming season

-More Action needs to be done by fundraising coordinator

-fundraising needed

-Encourage volunteers  and more involvement

-Next Board Meeting December 5, 2016 at VFW @7pm



President Jones: motion to adjourn meeting 8:15pm